Want to Play Rush Hour… in a Tournament?

We at ThinkFun have been working hard at updating our Play Online library to bring you the newest, funnest ways to play our games. Next year we’ll be adding a number of awesome new ways to play including, most exciting of all, Tournaments.

While this system is being developed, we wanted to find a way to give you the basic experience of Tournament play and get your feedback. That’s where this website, BrainLab, comes in. In the future BrainLab will be a website for educators, but right now we want to use it as a testing ground for Tournaments.

All you have to do to beta test our Tournament feature is fill out the form below. We won’t bother you with any emails except to let you know about upcoming tournaments, and to ask for your feedback – our main goal is simply to find out what’s fun.

Please note that this is bound to change over the next few months! When our main Play Online section has been updated, this BrainLab site will be repurposed, and your tester accounts and score history will be lost.

Tournaments run every day from 9AM until midnight, EST!